2022 08 10

The Platform TIPS Will Grant a Loan in the Amount of EUR 1.6 Million for Development of the New Solar Park

The platform TIPS (Tvariųjų išteklių plėtros skatinimas) (Promoting Sustainable Resource Development) has signed the second solar park development loan contract with Solarbank UAB for financing of the solar park in Didžiasalis.

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2022 08 02

TIPS financing opens opportunities for companies and organisations to increase energy efficiency

As the prices of energy sources increase and the risks have significantly increased due to stable supply of energy sources, more and more companies revise their energy consumption habits and seek for more beneficial alternatives. Increasing energy efficiency has become one of the solutions for companies which consume a significant amount of energy.

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2022 06 27

VIPA annual report 2021 summary

Until the end of 2021, acting as a national promotional institution (NPI) VIPA established and is currently managing 17 active target funds, instruments and initiatives, having raised more than 800 million euros for them.

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2022 05 30

Internal auditors of national promotional institutions from 7 European countries share experiences at VIPA hosted event

On 26 May, internal auditors from national promotional institutions of the Three Seas Initiative (3SI) region countries visited VIPA. The visit was one of the events aimed at developing communication, sharing experiences, and insights among the institutions representing the 3JI member states.

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2022 04 07

VIPA and eeef: Sustainable Investing at Work – How it Looks in Practice

The European Energy Efficiency Fund (eeef) presents the first podcast on sustainable investments. The host Rahul Pratap Singh, eeef Investment Manager and special guest Asta Gladkauskienė, head of the Private Clients Department at VIPA, discuss the issues of energy efficiency project implementation and financing possibilities of the investment platform ‘Promotion of Sustainable Resource Development’ (TIPS), established by VIPA.

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2022 03 17

Sustainable Resources Development platform – JV of VIPA and eeef- will allocate 2.4 million euros for the development of the solar plant in Lithuania

In January 2022 a solar plant development in Grikapalis in Lithuania loan agreement was signed with UAB Solarbank. The new agreement is intended for financing the second phase of the development of this solar plant.

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